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China Shipping Container Lines (Hong Kong) Agency Company Limited had been established January, 2003, She is a China Shipping Group in Hong Kong's entire capital specialized port company.

The business scope mainly includes: Route management, Ships proxy, Container sea transportation, Container land route Transportation, The container stores up, the repair and the container service and so on. Until now, The China Shipping transportation opens the container route has spread by China to Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, Mediterranean Sea, Africa, the Middle East, North America and even south central America search place, The transportation network is perfect.

Invests transport business one after another along with the quicker speed new ship, In order to ship out the person to provide the high standard service to lay a more solid foundation. China Shipping Container Lines (Hong Kong) Company Limited separately is equipped with the office in Shanghai and Shenzhen, This company has the consummation the management overhead construction, the advanced computer management systems, the highly effective staff troop, the complete cargo service, We by 100% endeavor, Satisfies customer demand "take" as is converted to, Is sure need high quality, a more splendid to provide service for our customers.